Current classes

The stages below are indicative only. Each child is taught based on their own needs, but for a broad sense of where your child might feel comfortable, here are the starting points:

First Steps to Literacy (Stage 1)

What is it?

These lessons focus on alphabet knowledge and word-building as the foundation for literacy, with lots of games to support learning. Children learn letter-sound relationships with a tailored phonics program, with fun and engaging activities to apply what they learn through reading and writing.

Who is it for?

For children aged 5+ who understand English well, are interested in reading and writing and are starting or have started to learn letter sounds and shapes. 

Stepping Up Literacy (Stage 2)

What is it?

Children learn more complex letter sounds and blends to write and read more widely. The focus is on learning a range of tools for reading and writing and practising them in many ways.

Who is it for?

For children aged 5+ who are confident English speakers, and who are developing reading and writing skills. They already know their alphabet and can write simple sentences.

When do lessons take place?

Lessons are on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, either 14.00-15.30 or 16.00-17.30.


Bühlstrasse 45B, 8055 Zürich (Wednesdays also in 8426 Lufingen)

How much is it?

Each 90-minute class costs 45.-, due at the beginning of the semester. One free "Schnupper-class" is possible. Siblings receive a discount.

How do I sign up?


Where are we?

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