Language Plus+

English for kids in the Zürich area, Switzerland

2019-2020 courses for kids: inquire now

Why is Language Plus the best choice for you and your child?

  • A highly-skilled, qualified native English-speaking teacher
  • Classes based on real-life situations and using the right language for the right context
  • Play-based, fun learning for younger children
  • Lessons tailored to the needs and interests of the group and individual members

Language Plus offers weekly English literacy workshops for children from 5 years old

  • Is your child a confident English speaker?
  • Are they developing an interest in literacy?
  • Do they enjoy being read to, and are they starting to read and write independently?
  • Do you want your child to maintain their English-language skills in reading and writing?

Language Plus

Bühlstrasse 45C, 8055 Zürich

☎ 076 799 58 80