Literacy coaching for children

Three children playing with a school. They are focused, playing together, and developing language and social skills.
Three children sharing a picture book. One is reading aloud to the other two, and the others are listening to the reader and looking at the pictures.
Two children are writing and drawing on paper. They are drawing portraits for their learning portfolios.

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"He loves it so much as you allow him to talk a lot, express himself. I feel it is not only language that he is expanding, it is also his self confidence being boosted while attending your classes."

What is Language Plus?

Our English literacy classes for children teach the foundations of reading and writing through an exciting and playful mix of phonics, games, arts and crafts, formal writing and reading.

Children learn the sounds of the English alphabet and how to use them to read a wide range of books (or magazines, or comics, or websites!) and to write stories, poems, letters, recipes, and more. They learn to use their reading and writing skills in everyday situations, and most importantly, they develop a lasting love of reading and writing.

At Language Plus, we aim for all children to be at or above the standard for their age in reading and writing. We design classes that will challenge them and encourage them to do their best and strive for their next learning goals.

Most of all, children love coming to Language Plus classes because they have fun, they have choice in what they do, and because we are all learning together!

Language Plus offers weekly English literacy lessons for children from 5 years old

Why is Language Plus the best choice for you and your child?

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